Discover Affirmations That Really Work!

Are your results from affirmations taking months or even years to work? Well read on as I explore how affirmations work and why the traditional approach takes so long.

Hi – I’m Richard Luck, and I’ve been working with affirmations for many years now, experimenting with the most effective ways to make change in our lives.

Lets begin with what affirmations really do – They work with our unconscious mind or subconscious mind to change the beliefs about something that is no longer serving us. For instance, you might not believe that you’re capable of having a fulfilling and loving relationships, or maybe that your destined not to achieve true wealth.

The repetition of affirmations such as “I am capable and deserving of having a loving and fulfilling relationship” or “I’m destined to achieve true wealth” will change your beliefs.

However, the change has to fight its way through your “Critical Faculty”, that’s the part of us that questions things, particularly things that are opposite to our current beliefs. This happens at both a conscious level and also at a subconscious level.

The Critical Faculty calls into play all of our past experiences and evaluates the new information in light of those experiences. So, if you’ve never had true wealth, then essentially the critical faculty will have a very hard time accepting that you can achieve true wealth and allowing that to become your new belief.

If you persist with the affirmations for long enough, use exactly the right kind of affirmations in the right way, then eventually you will change your beliefs. However this can be a long process and if you’re not doing it the right way, it can be nothing more than a huge waste of your time.

I’ve posted a number of different tips and techniques that you can use to significantly improve the effectiveness of your affirmations, on this site.

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