Affirmations and Subliminal Messaging

I believe that subliminal messaging works to help
people change their lives.  In my opinion it works
faster than any other form of affirmations.

It does that because it feeds 1000′s of affirmations
directly into your subconscious mind in just
a few minutes each day.

Its like doing Affirmations on Super Steriods…

BUT it still requires you to take some action.
You wont get rich,  married, healthy or what
ever it is that you want just by sitting on the
couch and watching subliminal videos…

Now with that said, lets have a look at one of the
greatest hoaxes of all time…

James Vicary claimed that he increased the sales
of Coca-Cola and popcorn at a movie theater by
playing subliminal messages during a movie that
was showing in 1957.

In 1962 James admitted during an interview that
the study was a gimmick and that the data
collected was too small to be meaningful.

And still to this very day there are people still
reporting the “experiement” as been a firm
indication that subliminal messaging works.
Beware of any sites stating this story to be true,
they clearly haven’t done the research into
subliminal messaging that they should have.

With that said, subliminal messaging does actually
work in most cases, in my opinion. I state that
its my opinion because there are as many
experiements supporting it as there are claiming
it to be ineffective.

So why do I beleive it works – Well I think the
best think to do is to give you an example.

Our subconscious mind capacity to receive and
store information exceeds that of our conscious
mind by many 1000′s of times.

And not only does it receive and store
information, it also processes and uses the
information to guide us without our conscious
knowledge of it.

Hard to believe right?

Well – have you ever driven somewhere, and when
you arrived there, not had any conscious memory of
how you got there?

Think about that, while your conscious mind was
concentrating on something important in your life,
your subconscious mind actually drove your car to
your destination!

It stopped at red lights, it didn’t run into the
back of any other cars, it took all the turns to
get you to your destination, and it did all of
that without your conscious awareness!

It recieved all the information, it processed all
the information and it guided your physical body
to make all the necessary movements!

Pretty amazing….

So, if your subconscious mind can take in and use
all of that information to drive a car without
your conscious awareness, then it can take in
messages that are delivered below the conscious
level and use those messages to drive your life in
the direction you want it to go…

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