More Tips For Improving Affirmations

In an earlier post I suggested to create images to go with your
affirmations. I’ve found this to noticeably increase the

My second tip was to use words in your affirmations that create and
inspire the feelings of your affirmations.

Here’s Tip 3:
Wear or carry something with you that reminds you to recite the
affirmations. Some people put a river stone in their pocket for
instance. Every time they put their hand in their pocket, they feel
the stone and recite the affirmations to themselves.

When I used affirmations, I would wear a ring on my thumb. I had a
habit of playing with the ring and everytime I touched it, I would
recite the affirmations.

The more repetition you do with the associated feeling of the
affirmations, the greater the chance of achieving your result.

Don’t just focus on one affirmation until you’ve achieved it. Have
multiple affirmations all going at the same time.

The purpose is to overload/overwhelm your unconscious mind. When
your unconscious is overwhelmed, it will be far less critical and
accept more easily what is being told.

Personally, I find there are much easier ways and far more rapid
ways to make changes.

I think that subliminal videos take all the hard work out of
reciting affirmations and are far more effective.