Quick Tips For Creating Better Affirmations

Affirmations either create a new belief or replace an old belief in
your unconscious mind that isn’t serving you any longer.

This happens through repetition and really feeling the “feeling” as
if you are living your affirmations.

Vision Boards are affirmations approached from a different angle.
Vision Boards use pictures instead of words and pictures are worth
a 1000 words. They also inspire much greater feelings.

The downside of Vision Boards is that you don’t get the repetition
of ‘words’. So here’s a great way to combine the benefits of
Vision Boards with traditional affirmations.

Tip # 1

Create an image in your mind that represents the affirmations for
you. Then associate all the “feelings” of having achieved that
affirmation with the image. Then you can recall the image and get
the “feelings” that go with it as you say the words.

I used to use this approach and I found it far more effective than
just reciting words.

Now I use either an NLP technique on myself or my ‘Subliminal Videos’.
(if you’re not an NLP practitioner then you might like to have a
look at my subliminal videos.)

Tip # 2
Your unconscious mind responds to “feelings” not words. The job of
the words is to create the feelings. So use descriptive words that
create the feelings.

For example, instead of saying “I’m part of the universe and the
universe is part of me” you could say “My magnificent energy is
part of the wondrous universe and the wondrous universe, is part
of my magnificent energy”.

Oh – did you know that the rules for creating affirmations, which
are delivered subliminally, are very different to the rules for
creating normal affirmations.

  1. Linda says:

    Thank you Richard for passing on your wonderful and very helpful knowledge to others. I am very grateful for it!!! Linda