Learn About Richard

As your Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis, TFT, and Neurological Repatterning™ – Richard’s vast array of skills and knowledge gives you access to all the resources you need for extraordinary personal growth and positive change.

With broad interests in the areas of philosophy, spirituality, psychology, and business leadership … Richard’s personal coaching style incorporates a rare and ingenious approach to understanding and empowering ourselves – that is insanely effective.

By using a rare combination of deeply insightful personal growth teachings – advanced mind techniques – inspirational hypnotic metaphors – and practical exercises (that, of course, incorporate the latest in cutting-edge mind sciences), Richard can help you achieve levels of success that few people ever dare to dream of.

He is highly demanded by his clients because of his uncanny ability to reach into your mind, and bring out the happiness, peace of mind and abundant mindset that has always been there waiting for you. It’s for this reason that his best clients regularly pay him up to $850/hour for private consulting.

Additionally, he has developed some of the most powerful and relaxing guided visualization and mind-expanding meditation sessions you’ll ever find.

“There’s no doubt that his teachings will have a tremendous positive impact on your personal, spiritual, emotional, and professional life….”

Aside from all the formal quals, Richard is much more about the wisdom accumulated within real life experiences and believes the best education is that of LIFE …. and the exceptional results he offers people come from this perspective.

Via personal consulting as well as online courses Richard has helped more than 3,749 people during the past 5 years to break free from their limiting beliefs and begin to finally live the life they always dreamed of. His courses and newsletters attract close to 300 new people every day.

I don’t know if you noticed this already but, right now we are on the brink of enormous learnings. Spiritual knowledge and well-being is coming together with the sciences like it never has before, and Richard is the ideal person to guide you through these new learning’s and help you make changes in your life that only a few years ago would not have been possible with such grace and ease.

To learn more about Richard’s remarkable Breakthrough to Brilliance™ Personal Mastery Coaching, feel free to send us an email. Simply press the ‘Contact’ button at the top of this page to contact us.

Here’s wishing you a magnificent day!